Moving here from New York City was a culture shock in the beginning, yes! But the community is so open-hearted and supportive, I’ve found there are countless opportunities to make a meaningful contribution.
Carol Neiman, JTEDC board member


The people and families who settled this part of the Hill Country created a vision for the land and the community. We see both the heritage of our past and the possibilities for the future and take the stewardship of both seriously. While honoring what has gone before and thoughtfully planning for what lies ahead, the EDC is creating possibilities for dynamic growth infused with responsibility for the next generation.



Owner/Operator: Jan & Bill Neiman
Year started: 1988, relocated to Junction from the DFW area in 1995

What we do: Produce, harvest and process native wildflower and prairie grass seeds. Purely 100% native seed and live roots indigenous to eco-regions of Texas and beyond are marketed direct online at, mail order, and through retail partners across Texas. Ecological restoration, consulting, project planning and execution on private and public lands.

The Story: Located on the main Llano River, the Neiman family farm business is now cultivating a 3rd generation. The Neimans’ son Weston continues to help out from San Marcos, thanks to high-speed internet. Returning to the farm after college, daughter Emily and her husband George gave birth to a son, Fisher. Continuing our tradition of superior customer service with the help of dedicated local-community staff, our team’s mission is “helping people restore the earth.” Active in the Llano River Watershed Alliance and Hill Country Alliance, working to encourage land and water stewardship through action, collaboration, education, and community participation. Those who want to experience the natives can also enjoy private eco-lodging or host a group retreat on the farm.