If you don’t understand the history, there’s no way you’re going to understand the culture that you’re living in. And frontier values – of hard work, neighborliness, frugality – are still important, still valid.
Pete Rose, Author, Geologist, Rancher


We celebrate our past while looking to the future and embracing the challenges offered each day. The economy, while shifting over time in response to broader changes socially, economically, and culturally, has always been centered on strong values. And while we promote our scenic natural beauty, we also look deeper for the experience people find here. Whether that means getting together to build a rain conservation garden for the school, pulling together all our resources to support first responders dealing with a flood or wildfire, delivering meals to homebound seniors, or sponsoring both old and new recreational events like disc golf tournaments, street dances, or the annual rodeo – it all involves experiential living, with real opportunities to make a difference in the life of the community. Parks, natural scenery, wildlife, and water recreation are all part of what makes Junction unique as a tourist destination.



Owner/Operator: Teddy Holekamp and Laurie Allen
Year started: 1936

What we do: Sell all types feed; deer, cattle, horse sheep, goat, dog, cat, delivery service, bulk feed. Gift shop.

The Story: A third generation business operating in what was originally one of the first wool and mohair warehouse shipping facilities in the Texas Hill Country. The warehouse is the exclusive dealer for Purina brand products in Kimble County and a full-service supplier for hunting and ranching feed and equipment.